Former Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow has raised questions following the push for legalisation of marijuana by Kibra leaders.

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On Sunday, Jubilee party candidate McDonald Mariga called for legalisation of bhang arguing that it has medicinal value. 

During his tenure, immediate Kibra MP the late Ken Okoth petitioned the National Assembly to decriminalise the drug through his Marijuana Control Bill 2018. 

He argued the banned substance could be used as treatment for cancer and called for legalisation of farming and use of bhang. 

In a tweet on Monday, Kerrow wondered why it was only leaders in Kibra who wanted the the illegal drug decriminalised.

"Legalising former MP Okoth wanted it legalised, Now Mariga wants it legalised too. What is it with Kibera that it's leaders want residents to smoke bhang? Eh! To escape the hardships? To remain too drugged to hold them accountable? Or there is another story? (Ama iko story ingine?) Very sad," the former Senator posted.

In a campaign rally attended by Deputy President William Ruto at DC grounds on Sunday, Mariga said his first priority once elected would be to push for legalisation of marijuana in Parliament.

"The issue of bhang. You want us to talk about bhang? We know bhang cures cancer is it true? That issue we must push. It is okay? We don't want bhang to fight people. We don't want to smoke bhang to fight people. Bhang is medicinal. Take me to Parliament so that we start pushing the issue of bhang. (Mambo ya shada. Mnataka tuongee mambo ya shada. Si tunajua shada inatibu cancer si ni ukweli. hiyo lazima tuipush si ni sawa. Hatutaki bangi ya kwenda kupiga watu. Hatutaki mambo ya kwenda kupiga watu ukivuta shada si ni ukweli. Shada si ni medicine. Sasa mi nataka mniingize mbunge tuanze kutetea iyo mambo ya shada)," the former Harambee Stars international said.