Having a stable relationship is one of the things every person needs in his/her life. 

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For a man to genuinely fall in love with a lady, it must cost her some things. Here are some of the very important things that will make a man's heart melt whenever he sees you.

1. Respect

Somebody told me that men don't need love, they need respect from their women. 

I don't know how true this one is but to some extent, I can see some truth in it. Women should show respect to their men and they will surely get the love they need from them.

2.  Communication

Communication is also another thing that can build or destroy a relationship. Better communication can have your relationship as strong as you can imagine. For women to make their men have their hearts melt, they should learn to communicate properly.

3. Appreciation

Appreciation is the only simple thing that can surely make your man's heart melt. Ladies should learn to appreciate everything their men do for them including the smallest one. This will encourage them to work harder to get them the best.

4. Trust

Trust is the main principle in every relationship. Lack of trust in any relationship will have it broken down in no time. Men like when their women have trust in them. This makes them feel accepted and feel like real men.