Former Kibwezi Member of Parliament Richard Kalembe Ndile has said BBI drive has brought more divisions in the country.

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Speaking on Monday at Citizen TV, the ex-legislator said the move by section of Tanga Tanga leaders to have their own rallies showed how disunited the leaders are.

"I have heard some leaders who have said they be starting to hold their own rallies saying the past BBI rallies was for politicians and now they want to stage BBI rallies which will be centred on engaging the public. This shows how much the country is disunited," he stated.

The former lawmaker further said the leaders would have sit down and work on the existing constitution rather than coming up with a new one.

He accused some leaders of wanting to use BBI for their personal gain citing the move by some leaders from Mombasa who wanted the formation of a regional government.

"We would have sat down and have a critical analysis of the existing constitution then come up with recommendations on where we want to adjust. I am surprised the leaders are now coming up with new issues instead of solving the existing problems," Ndile noted.