A renowned Swedish diver Volker Bassen has claimed that he can locate the vehicle that sunk at the Likoni Ferry Crossing in two hours.

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Speaking in an interview on KTN, Thursday, Bassen said that he has under his belt the experience to pull off the feat.

The scuba noted that he had been involved in a number of successful recovery efforts in the past including the recovery of the body of a banker who was involved in a helicopter accident.

"This is nothing that we haven't experienced before in Kenya, by the end of the day we actually have the world record when it comes to altitude diving and recovering bodies. Not many people know this because it is nothing that we talk about," Bassen said in a video shared on YouTube. (4:21-4:58)

"We have to put the husband of this family out of his poor misery and get them up, it's nothing really complicated," he added.

The diver's words come in the context of continuing recovery efforts at the Likoni Channel mounted by the government and private divers.

Mariam Kighendi and her daughter Amanda Mutheu sunk in the Indian Ocean on Sunday evening after the car they were in was reversed in panic, plunging into the water off a ferry's rear ramp.

The slow response by the relevant government authorities to the Likoni tragedy has triggered widespread revulsion with a section of Kenyans calling for heads to roll.