State House Secretary for Digital Innovation and Communications Dennis Itumbi has slammed renowned city lawyer Donald Kipkorir over church donations.

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In a tweet on Tuesday, Itumbi accused Kipkorir of failing to face issues objectively.

''Now, I know why a #SlayQueenLawyer blocked me. So that she can do what Shakespeare in Macbeth rightly describes as..."....a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." NB: Asante for the screenshot all those who sent,''' wrote Dennis Itumbi

Mr Itumbi, who works at Deputy President William Ruto's office, was reacting after the flashy lawyer Donald Kipkorir blasted Tanga Tanga politicians for their huge donations. 

In a tweet, Kipkorir had asked where members in Tanga Tanga group get the millions of money they donate weekly. 

''Safaricom, the Most Profitable Company in Africa has donated Kshs. 1.8 Billion to Charity in Ten Years .... This translates to paltry Kshs. 3.4m per week ....TangaTanga Politicians combined, give away over Kshs. 20m per Week ... How can they have more money than Safaricom?'' wrote Donald Kipkorir. 

Tanga Tanga is a political group in Jubilee that is allied to Deputy President William Ruto.

Ruto has been accused by various politicians over his huge donations in churches and other places every week.