(Kennedy Mong'are Okong'o was the first Nyamira County Senator. He is also the National Liberal Party leader)

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The clamour for Gusii unity every now and then is a misplaced calling at best.

From time to time, one will hear these sorts of calls from several quarters, elected politicians from the region being a perfect embodiment of this.

However, from the clamour exhibited by these leaders, it leaves one wondering what kind of unity they are talking about. Is it political, social, economic unity?

The questions come from the line of thought where, in the recent past, the call for Gusii unity has passed off as a preserve for the political class only, with the will of minority citizens always being brushed off.

A few years ago, a group by the name Gusii professionals came up with gatherings for this elusive dragon called unity but failed miserably.

My view on this is simply, this was a sham, an illusion and a façade. The Abagusii do not need unity of any sort. 

What they need is for those who they elected to work for them.

Every elected leader has a distinct and unique role to play for his or her constituency, from the ward, constituency, and county level. 

County assemblies are the primary legislative and oversight organs and their role encompasses creating a harmonious working environment with the executive which is part of the developmental unity we need in Gusiiland.

What is required in Gusiiland and Kenya at large is a revolt by citizens for good governance, accountability and delivery of services to the common mwananchi as per the pledges and manifesto of individuals and political parties.

Parliament which oversight’s the national government, on the other hand, should up its game and get the country rolling because its dalliance with the executive has made it difficult to achieve total development for Kenyans.

If the Senate and senators keep mum and close their eyes against graft in counties such as Kisii and Nyamira, then, the common citizens will be like a chicken making noise to the hawk which has already taken away the chicks.