On March 9 2018, a new political truce was struck between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his former protagonist and chief critic opposition leader Raila Odinga.

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And though the two have repeatedly insisted that their romance has nothing to do with politics, it seems to have and is actually appearing to be getting more and intense.

But whatever their deal was, Raila is obviously extra careful with the President to avoid being used and dumped as his father and founding Vice President Jaramogi Oginga and himself have been repeatedly done by Mt Kenya leaders.

It's worth noting that despite handing over the presidency to Uhuru's father and founding father Jomo Kenyatta, Oginga was unceremoniously forced out of government in 1966.

This was done by forces close to Kenyatta under the leadership of former Attorney General Charles Njonjo who had by 1965 politically smothered Oginga, forcing him to resign in 1966.

This was after only three years in power and was followed was a series of house arrests and political bans by Kenyatta's government, a man who was once a good friend.

In 2007, Raila was treated to the same by former President Mwai Kibaki and even allegedly rigged out after going all out to campaign for Kibaki in the 2002 presidential elections.

Though he had played an important role in Kibaki's first election and even stretched his hand for a truce after the 2007 post election skirmishes, Kibaki never returned the favour.

Kibaki never endorsed Raila in the 2013 elections where the former Prime Minister was seeking the presidency.

And having once again saved Mt Kenya leaders from trouble after agreeing to stand down and hand Uhuru the legitimacy he needed in his second term, Raila must be very cautious.

Being an experienced and elderly politician, he knows that political MoUs never hold any water and could once again be treated to the same.

Raila is therefore obviously very cautious to ensure that whatever they agreed on, especially if was a political favour, is honoured.