Having a smartphone stop working all of a sudden can be a heartbreaking feeling especially if you are used to it or when you are awaiting important communication. 

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Planning on how to have it fixed can truly give you a headache especially if the warrant expired has expired and you do not essentially know where to find a legitimate repairer and the probable costs.

However, some of the issues that render your smartphone nonfunctional can be attended to by yourself without having to look for an expert who could charge you way more than you could spend doing it yourself. 

Here's are some of the phone repairs you can work out yourself without paying anyone ;

1. Unclear sounds 

According to Shayne Sherman, CEO of TechLoris, due to increased dirt in your phone's mouth piece and ear piece, the phone might be unable to to pick and produce clear sound respectively. 

You can solve this personally by either blowing the ports with a blow dryer, using cotton wool or a high alcohol content cleanser.

2. Restoring a phone soaked in water

Your smartphone can fall in water all of a sudden and leave you confused on what to do. 

The first thing to do after removing it from water is to switch it off then remove the battery immediately or use a blow dyer to dry it if the battery is non-removable. 

3. Replacing a broken screen

In case your warrant has expired, you can comfortable replace your shattered screen by doing it yourself.  

According to Craig Lloyd, a tech expert of iFixit, some of the devices require you to remove the glass and the digitizer just by pulling, others you have to open the phone while others like iPhones you should heat the screen to loosen the adhesive making its removal easier. 

To replace it, you can go to your smartphone company's registered dealer and buy a replacement at a subsided price and replace it yourself.