As 2022 elections draw closer, Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa faces a real political battle even as she bids to remain on top of the game and probably continue making more history. 

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However, even as she remains ambitious, her path is littered with thorns. And for her to survive, she will have to play it smart.

The fact that Jumwa is one of the most successful female politicians in the county is never in doubt. However, her brand of politics and her choice of friends may cost her political career, never to recover again.

Politically speaking, Jumwa developed her political muscle under ODM leader Raila Odinga. Further, from which political bible was she indoctrinated? Of course Raila's. 

So, her decision to dump Raila for Deputy President William Ruto might turn out to be one of the biggest political suicides ever committed by a Kenyan politician.

Will Aisha Jumwa defy all odds to win a political seat in a pro-ODM region without the support of the former Prime Minister? Well, this will be known in 2022. 

But before that, there is the upcoming Ganda Ward by-election in Kilifi County. 

The poll may act as a rehearsal for 2022, where a win for the candidate that Jumwa is backing might as well give her a precious head start heading into the next general election.

What if she loses? Well, it might as well signal the end of the vocal lawmaker's fairy-tale life in politics.  And with her key political allies running away from her, Jumwa has a mountain to climb.