As 2022 political realignments start to take shape, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho is seemingly finding himself on the periphery even as the country’s big boys regroup.

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Joho who is also the ODM deputy party leader had declared his intentions to vie for president in the next election.  However, in the past few days his ambition has not received as much publicity as he used to in the past. 

So, is the former Kisauni MP losing his political voice? Will he disappear into political oblivion at the end of his term at the helm of the county leadership? If not,  what are his options?

Joho’s political skills are never in doubt. In fact,  during the 2017 elections, his constant spats with President Uhuru Kenyatta put him on the map.

He became very famous and popular. By playing victim to Uhuru’s supposedly brutal government he cast his political nest wide and became a national leader. And many political pundits had predicted that he will be a force to watch in 2022. But that has suddenly changed.

With 2022 succession politics starting to gain momentum,  Joho’s name has disappeared from the list of possible successors of President Kenyatta. 

So,  is the former lawmaker still harbouring the ambitions to lead Kenya? If so, what exactly is his political game plan?

On the political scene, Joho is not as vocal as he used to be. And with the Mombasa Governor opting for silence Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa seems to have taken over as the region’s political voice-using the opportunity to hammer her rivals while promoting Deputy President William Ruto’s political agenda. Well, maybe Joho is the new ‘enigma of Kenyan politics.