The Ministry of Agriculture has started collecting views from farmers on the proposed Livestock  Law that will protect livestock farmers across the country.

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According to the Principal Secretary of Livestock Harry Kimutai, this will ensure farmers earn from their sweat and are not exploited by middlemen.

 "This Law  will ensure all farmers issues are put into law. It will    ensure a farmer operates in a good environment, their investment in livestock to be recognized by law and protect  them on how they rear their livestock and how they sell their products," said Kimutai.

He spoke to the press during a stakeholders meeting to discuss and give their input on the proposed law  before it  is implemented in Eldoret town on Thursday.

 "Once implemented the law bill will also ensure  that  farmers have a chance to get help through government organizations like Kenya Animal Genetic Resource Center and  Kenya Veterinary  Vaccine Production Institute which help in research and give drugs and Vaccination to  animal," he added.

He further said they will move to other counties for farmers to give their input in the proposed law. 

Kimutai said he high cost of production which has affected yields will be looked into.