Kenyans on Twitter, also known as KOT community is not a happy lot. 4 days ago, twitter announced that it will be deleting millions of fake accounts that have dominated the twitter space. And it happened.

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In the purge, the social media platform says fake news is spread across the world through false accounts since Twitter was built as an online news platform.

It is this move that has elicited mixed reactions from the Kenyan online community, where numerous local celebrities and influencers have lost hundreds of thousands of twitter followers after the shakeup.

You may very well be familiar with twitter gurus and bloggers like xtiandela, Cyprian Nyakundi, and Victor Mochere. They are just among the many popular Kenyans on twitter who have lost hundreds of thousands of followers.

In their respective accounts, Xtiandela lost over 500K followers, and Mochere close to 750K followers to just 56k real followers. Other popular personalities caught up in this clean-up exercise are Kenya Films and Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua who previously had over 106k followers and that figure dropped to 34k.

Many social media influencers had signed contracts with numerous brands in the country to promote their products in the digital platform but such deals could soon be rendered null and void should corporates realize the truth.