Mumias East Member of Parliament Benjamin Washiali has now changed the narrative as to why he went missing on the eve to planned Mumias rally to counter BBI Bukhungu rally.

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Washiali said he opted to hide to avoid being convinced by Khalwale and Echesa to continue with the meeting as he knew it would lead to confrontations with police.

Speaking on Saturday at a rally in Bomani Nabongo ground, Mumias West Constituency, the Majority Chief Whip in the National Assembly recalled moments when he confronted the police saying he could not wish the same to happen.

“I can vividly remember that at such a time in 2009, a group of leaders were demanding that Kidero (Evans, former Mumias Sugar Company MD and Nairobi governor) must go," the Mumias East Lawmaker noted, as quoted by K24.

“We were cornered by ant-riot police and clobbered. I was beaten to a pulp and my arm was broken. Now Atwoli (Francis-Cotu SG) who instigated the cancellation of our meeting calls me a coward for avoiding a similar confrontation with police…Is there anyone who is ready to confront bullets?" Washiali added.

He defended his move to hide on that fateful day saying the police had no good intentions when they visited his house.

“If the police had a clear conscience to visit my home, why wait until that hour of the night to visit? What was so urgent that they couldn’t summon me to the station the following day?” asked Washiali.

Washiali went missing and switched off his phone on the eve to planned Mumias rally to counter BBI rally held ayat Bukhungu stadium.