Not every couple enjoy their time together and that’s because they don’t know the things they should avoid doing and what they are supposed to do.

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Below are things you totally avoid if you want your sex life to remain enjoyable.

1. Don’t fake it

Most people and especially ladies fake organism. This creates a false impression. if you’re not enjoying the act, talk to your partner about it.

2. Don’t bring your workday stresses to bed 

Whatever happened at work, you should leave it outside the bedroom. In order to experience arousal, you need to be able to shut down your brain.

3. Don’t bring up your ex

No matter how good or bad your ex-lover was in bed, never bring up the topic while with your new partner. Everyone’s sexual taste is different from what your ex-loved doing. 

4. Don’t let it hurt

Sex should be a source of pleasure and not pain. Some people inflict pain in order to satisfy their partners. If you are not comfortable, you should alert your partner or if possible, make him stop.

5. Don’t call out the wrong name

No one wants to be called someone else’s name in the heat of the moment. To avoid this, call your lover sweet names.

6. Don’t be Afraid about sharing your fantasies

Do not be afraid of telling your partner the things you like this. He/she should know about them.