Lettuce is a vegetable that is highly nutritious and healthy to the human body. 

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It has contains minerals and vitamins which are important to any human body. It has got the following health benefits to the body.

1. Induce sleep

Lettuce contains a soothing substance which makes you sleep over easily. Those who consume a lot of lettuce are said to fall asleep faster compared to those who rarely eat it.

2. Strengthens muscles

Though lettuce is vegetable, it contains some proteins which are good for the formation of stronger bones and muscles. Lettuce contains potassium which is good for muscle formation.

3. Immunity booster

 A person with a healthy immune system can never be attacked by diseases and infections easily. Lettuce is responsible in boosting your immune system, thanks to vitamin A and C present in it.

4. For healthy heart

High blood pressure is a major cause of heart failure which may lead to heart problems. Lettuce is loaded with beta carotene and vitamin C which are responsible for lowering the blood pressure.

5. Helps in weight loss

For those people who are struggling to lose weight, it is a good idea if you consume lettuce. It is made up of 95% water and has got low-fat content which is good for weight loss.