Gusii people living in the diaspora have backed sentiments by Prof Makau Mutua, who recently questioned the attitude of Kenyans.

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In an opinion piece on Sunday, Prof Mutua claimed "Kenyans hate those living in the diaspora but love their money'. The piece elicited mixed reactions.

Prof Mutua further went on to hail members of the diaspora for their effort towards improving Kenyan economy, arguing that they pump millions each year.

Emily Mogeni, the founder of Smartbeba, backed the message, arguing that most of those in Kenya only 'call when they are in need of money'.

"This is very true. To some, they only look for you when they need money, after that they will not even say thank you. Others, will not even say hi to you, they will only do that if they want a favor," she said in a text.

Mr Lister Nyaringo, another activist living in the United States, backed the message, adding that Kenyans should change their attitude towards diaspora community.

"Some truth in Prof Mutua's message. They don't treat us well and this is something that should not be taken for granted," said Nyaringo.

Last month, Egesa FM radio boss Nancy Kwamboka was embroiled in a scuffle with members of the diaspora, accusing them of being thankless to their hosts in Kenya.

But her message was received with mixed reactions, a move that saw famous activist Ombori Monari alias Cosmo Choy hit back in a series of nasty video recordings.