Barely a month after Hivisasa highlighted the Misery People living with disabilities in Kisii going through poor leadership, The Kisii County Government has allowed them to hold fresh elections.

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The newly elected unopposed Kisii County chairman Fredrick Ochieng Mweresa on Thursday expressed his gratitude to the media for highlighting the issue terming the move as a new dawn to disability family.

"We have fought a good fight. The Media you have stood with us. Today we have set foot in a new historic Journey to rescue people living with disability who have suffered to the brim. From today am setting into sourcing for them wherever they have been neglected and bring them together,' Said Mweresa.

Mweresa has called upon all people living with disability to come out in numbers and register fully with their association for easy identification in case of any help.

"We have already laid down strategies on registering all our members. We will not discriminate anybody. We will work together, consult one another for a better tomorrow we have been yearning for," Said Mweresa.

Emelda Kwamboka who was elected as treasurer has called on unity and has said the long term wrangles are now over.

"We will be dedicated to serving our colleagues in whatever capacity we can. I only urge them we work together. We are not better of than those who left, but we believe we will make a tremendous change and fight for our rights where due,' Said Kwamboka.