Garissa Governor Ali Bunow Korane has finally broken the silence as far as the referendum stalemate is concerned.

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The governor confirmed this concept on Monday while speaking in Sankuri ward on a projects inspection tour.

Part of his sentiments as quoted by KNA was: “We have scrutinized the Punguza Mzigo initiative proposal and realized that it is offering little especially towards bettering the lives of our people."

The governor made that decision to solidify his loyalty to the handshake and show his people that he is a leader who sticks to one position.

Putting in a context that part of Garissa electorate are ardent supporters of former premier Raila Odinga, the decision by Korane was just in time to try and win their trust.

That is because most of Raila’s confidants have already lobbied for the BBI thus all indications are clear that the camp is lobbying for it.

The governor wants to stay at par with the Uhuru-Raila friendship and at the same time set a pregnant strategy towards retaining his seat.

He has chosen to support BBI because of what he has termed adequate consideration of the president’s big four agenda. He feels that the majority of the issues raised in the BBI are of benefit to the people on the grassroots.

Karone also wants to capitalize on that and polish his loyalty to the president’s camp.

Besides, such an open declaration shows the governor has commenced executing his political game plan towards the 2022 politics.

Since part of the BBI entails creation of more government slots so as to accommodate everyone, the governor is possibly longing for an all-inclusive government.

He wants his political career to stay intact no matter the outcome of the Garissa 2022 gubernatorial showdown.