Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8, in many countries across the world. 

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This is a day to celebrate womanhood and their achievements overcoming the socio-cultural and religious barriers.

Woman’s Day was first observed on February 28, 1909 in the US – a year later, in 1910, March 8, was suggested to be celebrated as "International Woman’s Day" by the International Woman’s Conference.

The theme for Women’s Day 2019 was ‘Think equal, build smart, innovate for change’. The theme was selected by the United Nations to focus on gender equality, woman empowerment and along with that, in social protection systems, accessible and sustainable infrastructure.

The UN explained the theme was chosen as trends indicate a continuing gender divide in the field of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and design – where women are under-represented.

This year’s Women’s International Day is expected to give a much-deserved push to women across the world in order to achieve the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and make sure that no girl is left behind.

In Mombasa and the larger Coast region, the celebrations were marked in different areas with leaders calling for equity and respect for women and girls.

Muslim for Human Rights (Muhuri) organisation organised for a street matching across Mombasa, calling for greater inclusion of women in development and leadership processes.

Muhuri also said "the greatest impediment to the safeguarding of women's right in Kenya is corruption that comes in different forms. We stand with all Kenyans in the continuous condemnation of runaway corruption and inaction from political leadership."

Still in Mombasa, Likoni MP Mishi Mboko joined women in protest to mark International Women's Day. She expressed concern over the rising cases of gender-based violence saying it is high time the government declared these cases a national disaster.

In Kilifi, Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa joined other leaders in Ganze for the International Women's Day celebrations. She took the opportunity to thank all women across the globe in all sectors working hard and also appreciated their roles in promoting social dynamism and nurturing the family unit.

Kilifi North MP Owen Baya and his wife Aisha women a happy and prosperous women’s day. 

 "Even though we will not be with you today due to various engagements abroad, my leadership will continue to invest and empower women because we believe very sincerely women are the pillars of a progressive and prosperous nation," he said in his message.

 "Every successful man has a strong committed and dedicated woman who contributes immensely to that success. Many thanks to you my wife Aisha for being there for me. God bless you, God bless the women of Kilifi," added Baya.