Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro has said that calling him a sycophant would not be far fetched.

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Speaking on Tuesday night, the lawmaker termed himself a sycophant of the Jubilee regime, saying that he would do anything to see the Jubilee Party succeed.

He termed his belief and political hold on President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto so strong, terming himself a sycophant of the two national leaders.

He added that the same has everything to do with his nature and principals, in that once he believes in something, he is willing to hold onto it whatever the situation.

"There is something about me when I believe in something I hold there. It is true that I have been a sycophant of Uhuru and William Ruto, that's my stand, I don't like to be warm," he said.

The lawmaker made the remarks on Citizen TV's Newsnight show on Tuesday, where he also apologized some of the remarks he used on opposition supporters after the 2017 polls.

Revisiting some of the remarks he made on his Facebook page at a time when opposition supporters opposing Uhuru's reelection were being teargassed and washed by water cannons, he sought to withdraw his harsh words.

For instance, in one of the tweets, he proposed the construction of a pipeline to ferry teargas to Kisumu and Migori counties, which he regretted.

"My language might have been a bit harsh because I was young and more of a revolutionary. My language might have been harsh about those people but not the content," he said.