Folic acid is one of the essential minerals that are in the form of folate. It can be found through medicines that contain folic acid. Better still it can be obtained from the foods we eat such as spinach, liver, broccoli and citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons. 

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Folic acid is important to pregnant women because it has the following benefits;

Productions of red blood cells

Pregnant women need to have enough blood in the body because low blood during pregnancy can lead to anaemia. A lot of blood is also needed because a lot of it will be lost during birth. Taking folic acid in plenty will ensure you get enough production of blood.

Preventive measure for neural tube defects

Folic acid is responsible for preventing any defect in the unborn child. The neural tube is usually formed within the first six weeks of pregnancy and it is the one that grows to be the spinal cord and the brain of the child.

Prevents miscarriages and premature births

Miscarriages and premature death are common to some pregnant women. Taking folic acid in plenty could lower the risks of having premature births by half. This is because the fetus is well-formed in the first month of pregnancy in the womb.