A leaked phone conversation between popular Kikuyu gospel musician Sammy Irungu and an unknown lady has set the internet ablaze.

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The lady in the recorded viral audio is heard pressing the singer to refund Sh15,000 he had been paid upfront for a church performance he failed to show up in.

In the viral audio, the prolific singer credited for hit songs like 'Maithori Makwa' (My Tears), 'Kioneki Kia Jakubu' (Jacob's Vision) among others that include collabos, is heard hurling unprintable insults at the church lady after they fail to agree on the Sh15,000 refund.

While the lady wants the artiste to refund the cash to the church, the latter wants the church to organise another event where he will perform and pay the 'outstanding' debt.

The lady, on the other hand, can be heard threatening to expose Irungu's 'conmanship' at the height of their bitter exchanges.

The leaked audio has elicited mixed reactions on Facebook where it continues to be shared widely on various forums.

There are those who castigate the musician for accepting to be paid for an event he knew he would not attend and then arrogantly respond when asked to refund other people's money.

Those who defend him though, argue that his explanation for missing the church performance is satisfactory, noting that he is ready to honour another invite as a payback.

The lady also has as many supporters as she has detractors, with those speaking in her favour saying she was within her rights to demand the money owed to her church.

Her detractors, on the other hand, are of the opinion that she deserved what she got as she had literally pushed the artiste to the wall. 

They also argue that her recording of the conversation is an indication she had preconceived ill motives.