Are you getting ready for your new job? Presenting yourself to your new job is hard for many. When one avail themselves for their new job, there are some things that one should not do, having that one is still new at the place. Here are some of the things to never do at your new job.

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1. Do not be late

During your first time at a new job, it is important to not be late. Arriving late during your first days will definitely draw a bad picture to your bosses.

2. Do not act like you know it all

Despite one having a long experience from his or her previous jobs, it is important to play low when it comes to your new job. Don’t act like you know it all because you need to take time learning how things are managed at that particular place.

3. Do not skip work without informing someone

Whenever you are unable to avail yourself at work, it is important for you to always let your superior know. Do not assume by not letting anyone know that you won’t be at work. Remember to give a reason too. Not informing your superiors about your absence might result in you losing your job.