Two families from two Counties are fighting over a baby suspected to have been stolen in Nakuru County.

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The couple from Nakuru, Moses Aura and his wife Calend Mwajuma had left their baby with a neighbour at Rhonda Estate, Nakuru on July 1 as the mother left for the market only to return to find the baby missing.

The two who reported the matter to the police said the baby was born at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital on May 25.

After investigations, the police arrested a couple in Teso South, Busia who were found with the baby whom they claimed was theirs.

The man who is a soldier together with his wife, a housewife, produced a clinic booklet from a health centre as they claimed that the baby was delivered at their Lanet home on July 15.

The clinic booklet showed that the woman who is being held at Kwa Rhonda Police Station together with her husband had attended five ante-natal check-ups since January 15 and a post-natal exam on July 30.

They further told the police that on July 28, the mother and baby traveled to their rural home in Teso.

Nakuru Town West police commander Patrick Olonyi said investigations into the matter have been launched as they will conduct DNA tests.

Olonyi said they will investigate the clinic booklet which was new adding that more people will be arrested to assist with the investigations.

“The tests will be to ascertain who are the child’s biological parents because both couples claim the baby is theirs. Samples will be extracted from four people.” 

“The couple maintains that the baby was born at home although they have a new clinic booklet that indicates the woman attended ante-natal clinics. We are investigating the matter to find out who handed over the booklet because we sense collusion that might be aimed at defeating justice,” said Olonyi as quoted by