An unusual thing was spotted in Bondo, Siaya county. An uncommon bird believed to be from Finland was caught after it was trapped in a fishing net.

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The bird is believed to have journeyed from the European continent to Kenya, Africa covering 6,948 kilometres.

A local, Walter Oloo from Usalu village hinted the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers on January 20 who came to rescue the bird which reportedly bared some injuries but healthy. It suffered dehydration and had lost some weight.

The bird which is of the vast osprey (Pandion haliaetus) family is also known as the sea hawk or fish hawk.

A referring ring usually placed by conservationists to identity where the bird was caught indicated that the caught bird was from Helsinki, Finland at Museum Zool.

In a statement by KWS seen by, they stated that the bird was undergoing stabilisation and it will only be released when its health is ideal to cope with the wild.

"It will be stabilised by administering IV fluids and provided proper diet, then monitored for a few days before being released back to the wild," KWS noted.

David Ndeereh who heads the veterinaries at KWS pointed out that the bird's information will be shared to East Africa Bird Ringing Association to obtain more details of the bird.

KWS director Patrick Omondi confirmed that many migratory birds have been sighted in the region as the county government calls for protection of catchment areas of Lake Victoria.