Kisumu governor Anyang' Nyong'o is in the process of making himself a one-term governor, judging by his actions at the helm of the county.

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Two years since his election, the governor seems to have done more harm than good to county residents, which will badly dent his chances of securing reelection in 2022.

Basically, the county boss is an example of a man shooting himself in the foot, as far as county politics is concerned.

First, he appears to be wronging the wrong people; the locals, a good number of whom now have a bone to pick with him and a very good reason to reject him in 2022.

In Kisumu city, a good number of hawkers have lost their businesses on his orders, as the county government demolishes their stalls to make the city "beautiful ahead of the Africities forum".

While the forum might be very necessary for the county leadership, the residents, whose livelihoods have been badly affected, will not want to hear anything about the investors it might bring to the city.

To them, their income-generating avenues have been affected, and to avoid a repeat of the same in the future, the man who presided over that must be sent home in revenge.

Though works have begun to put up the Uhuru Business Complex, to resettle the affected traders, this will actually do more harm than good to the traders, and ultimately the governor.

There is already a fight for the land where the market is coming up, which is being fought over by the county and 37,000 Jua Kali artisans, who claim to have acquired part of the land in the 1990s.

But the governor, through City Manager Dorris Ombara on Wednesday proceeded to hand over the land to the contractor, dismissing complains from the artisans, a show of disrespect.

In an election, 37,000 people cannot just be dismissed, especially by a man who will be seeking the very same people's vote in 2022.

Majority of the traders expected to take up the new stalls might also end up on the losing end, as cartels allocate themselves the stalls and sell them out to highest bidders.

The governor also apparently did very little to save hawkers from being evicted from Lwangni beach for the expansion of the Kisumu Port.

Though the port is equally important, he should have at least been seen to be on the people's side.

The governor has also failed to keep some of the people who helped him be who he is now close. An example being Senator Fred Outa, with whom they now don't see eye to eye.

Actually, the Senator has declared that he will be battling him in 2022, a race he might win, judging by the region's clan-related voting mode.

With most of the people from in City angry with the governor, and Outa coming into the poll with the backing of his people from the  Kano clan (Nyando and Muhoroni), Nyong'o only remains with the backing of his Seme backyard and that of the Nyakatch region, where his deputy Mathews Owilli hails from.

And since the remaining Kisumu clan is likely to be divided down the middle, as it is very unlikely to produce a formidable candidate, Nyong'o might regret not keeping Outa close.

Therefore, unless he reconsiders his moves, Nyongo could have begun the process of self- destruction.