The Kenya Navy is set to hold a short prayer service at the Likoni Ferry Channel after retrieving bodies that were involved in the incident in which a car sunk into the Indian Ocean several days ago.

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Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna said the Navy will hold a short mass at the channel before handing the bodies to the police.

According to Oguna who was updating the press on Friday on the progress of the operation, the Kenya Navy has been leading the rescue operation since it started, making it necessary for them to hold the short mass.

He has also asked the press to take pictures of the vehicle with an open minds that the images might trigger different feelings and reactions from Kenyans. 

"Thereafter after removing the car from the water there will be short military service because the military has been the one coordinating the multi-agencies in the rescue operation, thereafter we will hand the bodies and the car wreckage to the police for them to take from there. We will then give a final press briefing. (Kisha baada, kutakua na ibada fupi sana, ya kijeshi kwa sababu operation hii kwa jumla imeongozwa na jeshi ijapokuwa katika mfumo wa multi-agencies yaani taasisi za serikali kwa pamoja, kisha baadae ya hapo, miili na gari polisi watachukua kulingana na utaribu wao, halafu baada ya hapo tutapeana taarifa kamili kwa media)." said Oguna during a live coverage with Daily Nation.

The bodies of a mother and her daughter have stayed in the water since 29th September 2019.