A ferry has run aground at the Likoni ferry crossing channel.

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In a tweet on Saturday, the Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) revealed that the ferry, MV Nyayo, had run aground with vehicles on board.

Efforts were made as a security measure to offload the vehicles so as to ease the weight on it. In the tweet, KFS assured members of the public that the other three ferries were functioning properly and would continue to serve them.

"MV Nyayo ferry has run aground on the island ramp some 40mins ago. Vehicles have been offloaded to release its weight. The other three ferries are operating with delays expected. Thanks for your patience and understanding," the KFS tweet read.

There have been concerns about the security of the commuters using the Likoni channel ferries.

More than a month ago, Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu drowned in the Likoni waters after the car they were in reversed and plunged into the channel.

Investigations were undertaken into the incident that claimed the lives of the two with the view of preventing similar incidences in the future.

There have been criticisms that not much has been done by the authorities to prevent ferry incidences. Some of the ferries are feared to be in a bad state.