When one has finally fallen in love, the only thing that usually crosses through their mind is how blessed they are to finally get their Mr Right.

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However, there are some scenarios in which a Mr Right can end up being your Mr Wrong

Here are signs that can prove your Mr Right is Mr Wrong.

1. He doesn’t pay attention to you as an individual

If your man only minds about you when he is free and never want to know about you in detail, then know that he is Mr Wrong. 

Men who pretend to be Mr Rght will always have short conversations with you, a chat that you will be the one leading them.

2. He’s mean to you

A man can only be your Mr. Right if he treats you right. If, he is mean to you then know that he is not Mr Right. 

This is something that most women tend to be blind about even though it is a serious thing that should be taken with a lot of thought.

3. You always initiate contact

Whenever you are in a relationship, it is important for both parties to always initiate contact. 

However, in scenarios that it is only you as a woman that initiates contacts then know that he is your Mr. wrong.