When a guy sees a woman for the first time, there are many things that he will notice about her.

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Here are some of the small things guys notice about you, even if you think they don't

1. Character 

Your character is the thing that will make a man stick around or leave. Nobody likes individuals who are impolite. We all want someone who is decent in order for us to enjoy spending time with them.

2. Sense of style 

Not all men are informed about what is trending in the fashion world. They probably won't realise that rugged jeans are what's in and that flared pants are making a comeback. All they can tell is that you have a pleasant sense of fashion and they will compliment you whenever they get an opportunity. It doesn't make a difference to them if it's only a decent pair of pants and a tee or an extravagant dress. If you look great in it, he'll take note. 

3. Your scent

Distinct scents are known to trigger someone's memory. A guy will notice how you smell, be it your natural scent, your perfume or even your hair.