Business came to a standstill on Friday at Keumbu market in Nyaribari Chache constituency, Kisii County after two revenue collecting officers engaged in a fist fight as traders watched helplessly. 

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Witnesses told Hivisasa during an interview that trouble started when one of the revenue collecting officers identified as Samson Onsongo insulted his colleague Zachary Ombeta. 

"Onsongo abused Ombeta claiming that he is an alcohol addict, a cigarette smoker who has never had a bath. Ombeta was angered and he descended on Onsongo with kicks as blows as traders watched," said a witness, Joseph Nyang'au.

Nyang'au stated that Onsongo in self-defence clobbered Ombeta with a walking stick before he fled from the scene. 

"Were it not that Onsongo fled, Ombeta could have beaten him thoroughly. It is shameful for the revenue collectors to fight," he said.

Keumbu police boss Joshua Muthoka condemned the revenue collecting officers saying unnecessary fights won't be condoned.

"Our officers were informed about the incident after the fight was over. I have instructed police officers to patrol 24 hours in the market to ensure no unnecessary fights are witnessed," said Muthoka.