Akothee is among few Kenyan celebs who have risen from poor backgrounds to where they are now. 

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She is no doubt a hardworking woman. Despite the fame and money she is enjoying now, she passed through a hard life. Just like any other mother, she had to share her experience which every moms go through in most cases.

In a long Instagram post she shared on Tuesday, the mother of five came out to reveal what she went through during the birth of her first baby, @veshashilan.

“Love at the first sight is when my daughter landed in my hands 21 years ago as a premature baby weighing 1kg. Funny enough, I never wanted the scissors shit and nurses passing by my shit every time they went round, I was hiding in the toilet pushing the baby alone and monitoring the head, so pushed till the water broke and I thought I gave birth to water, I can't forget the nurse who used the same red gloves for cleaning the ward! Is the same she used to pull out my baby,” she said.

Akothee, then a teenager girl, was very happy for her baby. The baby had to be kept in an incubator for some time, where another baby had been laid. 

The other baby passed away after a week. The baby’s mother come out crying that it was Akothee’s baby who had died. By good luck, the two had been tagged with their mother’s names. 

Akothee had to stay in the hospital for four months before being discharged. Then, her baby was weighing 1.5kg.