Valentine's day is the most romantic day of the year for most couples. 

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It is that day when every street is coloured red, and most people are always in red regardless of their religion or origin. 

However, couples in long distance relationships mostly don't get a chance to celebrate their love on this day since one partner is a thousand miles away. 

They might even forget the value of this special date on their calendars.

However, it is not over for them; long-distance couples can also enjoy Valentine's day in many ways.

Below are three romantic ways to celebrate Valentine's day in a long-distance relationship:

1. Make a date with your partner via video calls

The internet has made the world a small place. 

Many social media platforms allow video calls with WhatsApp being one of them. 

No more excuses for not spending time together with your partner. 

2. Watch the same movie

With the readily available movie sites like Netflix, Putlocker and many others, you can choose a movie for the occasion and watch it at the same time. 

This will make you feel like you are spending time together with your lover on this special day.

3. Gift them a Spotify playlist

Spotify is a music and podcast streaming platform. You can have some song dedicated to your loved ones to make their day feel like Valentine herself.

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