Kenyans on Twitter have criticised one of the United States media houses for running a contradictory headline concerning the locust invasion in Kenya.

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US's CBS News on Saturday published an article with a headline that hit Kenyans the wrong way.

"Locust outbreak in Kenya is worst in 70 years: "Even cows are wondering what is happening", read the headline by CBS News.

According to CBS, one of their interviewee, Ndunda Makanga, was the one who realised how the cows were wondering. The publication noted that Mr Makanga had spent part of his Friday trying to chase the locusts from his farm.

"Even cows are wondering what is happening. Corn, sorghum, cowpeas, they have eaten everything," said Ndunda Makanga as quoted by CBS.

CBS also shared the same headline on their official Twitter handle, which was spotted by Kenyans on Twitter (KOT), who took to the comment section to condemn the media house.

Some Kenyans wondered how the reporter managed to interview the said cow until he or she came to the conclusion that the cows were wondering.

Several memes have therefore been created showing the CBS reporters interviewing cows.

Here are some reactions from Kenyans