Globally, people being diagnosed with HIV infection has been increasing with every passing day, with Africa leading. 

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Statistics show that most people being victimized by this deadly disease, HIV/AIDS are youths aged between 18 to 35.

In Kenya, HIV/AIDS is a major cause of concern and has become epidemic with over 1.6 millions people living with it as according to reports released by avert.

Here are the reasons why the ailment is on rise in Kenya among youths. 

1. Lack of awareness

This one has attributed to a number of HIV infection among youths. From the look of things,  quite a number of them are oblivious of the cautions one can take to avoid falling victim to the malady. 

While some people are aware about this disease and how they can avert it, it is still imperative to sensitive some youths who are unaware on the possible ways to avoid the scourge and why it is necessary to have the test after a certain period. 

In the event somebody is found positive or negative, he/she will be able to keep the malady at bay and maybe take necessary cautions. 

2. Ignorance

Some are pretty aware that it is much dangerous to make love with a person whom you don't know their status without a protection. 

It is out of ignorance that makes young Kenyans fall victims to the disease. They ignore protection when they clearly know it is risky.