Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho is no doubt a man who loves high-end things. 

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Recently, a video of the governor enjoying himself in Beverly Hills, California went viral on social media. 

He was in the company of popular Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton. In the video, Joho can be seen holding tight on the actress. 

"So here we are. Soon it shall be Mombasa," he said in the video.

The stylish governor's Versace t-shirt is one of its kind. Its real name is Versace Barocco-print-t-shirt. 

The t-shirt costs a whopping $514 including VAT which is about Sh53,000. 

This is not the first expensive things the 46-year-old governor has been spotted with. 

On many occasions, he is spotted with accessories and clothing of unimaginable prices. 

Joho loves clothes, shoes, watches and even caps, that he loves to rock in mostly during his unofficial events or when he is just enjoying himself. 

Many people have on different occasion criticized him of his high-end life and show off of his expensive things, but this has never bothered him. 

Among the expensive things Joho owns include houses, cars and motorbikes.