Residents in Matayos, Busia County on Saturday had a gift of meat after they killed a stray hippo that terrorised them before feasting on it.

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Ms Flora Kendi, who spotted the stray animal immediately after opening her door in the morning alerted the neighbours who responded swiftly.

"I immediately shouted to alert my neighbours as it escaped, destroying crops,” Kendi noted.

The resident's efforts to reach Kenya Wildlife Service officers were in vain as they got no response.

“We called police officers but they offered little help as the animal continued to wreak havoc,” Mr Peter Etyang, one of the resident noted.

“It has destroyed many semi-permanent structures including houses, latrines and fences. It also damaged my friend’s motorcycle,” Mr Etyang added.

The angry locals then descended on the animal ruthlessly as it continued destroying properties. The residents, who now want KWS to compensate them for the losses, said the move to kill the animal was to teach the Officers a lesson as they keep on ignoring their distress calls.

They were more than happy and even wished another animal escapes the park so that they can have a 'gift'.

The stray animal is suspected to have escaped from River Sio park to search for food.