The Executive Director of the Central Kenya Conference John Kiragu has rubbished claims that the Maxwell Seventh Day Adventist Church is in the throes of a leadership dispute.

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Speaking to members of the press on Monday, Mr Kiragu said that the mayhem that had been seen a few days ago was created by a third party, the Nairobi Cosmopolitan Conference (NCC).

"We do not have any leadership dispute in the church. The purported dispute was with a third party, " Mr Kiragu said. 

There were ugly scenes at the church as members engaged in physical fights causing officers from the dreaded General Service Union (GSU) to intervene.

On Saturday, worshipers were denied entry into the church by the police.

The Nairobi County Commissioner Flora Mworoa said that the church would only be reopened after the warring parties reach a compromise solution to their differences.

The CKC warned members of the church against siding with expelled members.

Kiragu also took a swipe at law enforcement officers for not allowing members of the church to worship in the church.

'We take exception to this unlawful act by state agencies, who ordinarily are supposed to be stewards and custodians of the law, " he added.