Luos identify with Luo Nyanza, the land which they believe that their ancient ancestors lived and died on.

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Most will always make time and effort to visit their relatives living upcountry and others will retire there when they hit a certain age.

However, there exists another group that finds it hard visiting this beautiful land, with others only being taken back for burial.

Here are the reasons why some Luos don't like visiting their homeland:

1. They will be bewitched

Luos have witchcraft as one of the stereotypic characteristic used on them, which actually happens, but on a specific type of people, based on age and relationship with others.

It's common among children, who are normally bewitched by possessed women while either breastfeeding or eating. Luckily, the possessed are known by society, with there also being a treatment for such. Other reasons for bewitching people are jealousy for those succeeding and to settle scores.

Others, usually townfolks, born and raised in urban centres will still refuse to head back to their ancestral land despite not fitting in any of the named categories.

2. Busy

This is common among casual labourers in these major urban centres, some of whom will spend tens of years without visiting the village, claiming to be busy and held up at work.

These are the people who are at times forced to separate with their wives, with whom they have children when it is found out that they ended up marrying their cousins in the city.

Some will end up entering the wrong homestead when they finally head back home, having forgotten their homes, with others hit dead ends while trying to use the shortcuts they used while growing up in the village.

3. Fake lifestyles

Most people who leave the village for the city try to give back the impression that they are making it in their new residences and are living their dreams.

This makes it hard for some to head back, fearing that showing up in the village with a travelling bag and walking on foot will give them away.

Therefore, they prefer to only follow up on the happenings back in the village on phone.

4. Hate for the village

Some people are just obsessed with the privileges that come with living in urban centres and can't imagine going a day without flushing toilets and so on.

Others fear that they will be subjected to digging and tilling the land, which is common among ladies, opting to remain put in 'boma' (the city).

There is the other type who will only visit the village once in ten years, only because there was a funeral of a close relative which they had no other option but to attend.

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