Despite people being aware of the presence of con artists in society, we still find ourselves falling victim to their tricks. 

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Here are three tricks con artists use to win your trust.

1. Targeting vulnerable people

Con artists have a tendency of targeting vulnerable people. The scammers target vulnerable people since they can easily manipulate them using their weaknesses. It’s only a small number of people who can overcome this temptation when their vulnerability is being exploited.

2. They will call you by your name

To gain your trust quickly, a con artist will always call you by your name. Whenever someone calls you by your name even though you don’t know him or her, you’ll still end up listening to them. By doing so, you end up being drawn in a ditch that you didn’t see coming.

3. Con artists let you win — at first

When it comes to street games, con artists will always allow you to win at first to win your trust. After that, you’ll end up losing all your money by keeping on trying your luck every single time.