As many people are jobless in the country and are moving all around looking for jobs, evil people have been using the desperation of joblessness to harass ladies sexually. 

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While some are promised to be given jobs after a sexual relationship, others are forced into the action as they hunt for jobs.

Shirleen Kerubo, a lady from Kisii, in an exclusive interview with Hivisasa, explained the ordeal she went through when someone promised to offer her a job. 

The man was her schoolmate in Gianchere Friends School and therefore she trusted him.

They had met earlier and shared, when Shirleen the mother of one, told him about her state. The man whom she did not give his details for personal reasons, promised to offer her a job, and therefore asked her to give him a visit in his house, and take forth her credentials.

She did not suspect anything weird would happen to her. She trusted him as they had learnt together and knew each other so well.

However, when she arrived at the house, the man wanted more and even attempted to rape her. 

When Shirleen realized that she was being overpowered, she screamed out. This prompted the man to release her.

"He pushed me and tried to rape me while holding my neck. I tried my best and screamed for help until he released me. I stood up and as I was moving out, I asked him why he was doing that to me in the name of a job instead of telling that he loved me so that we would make an agreement as mature people," Kerubo said.

Some ladies might be suffering out there from such awful experiences. However, some cannot come out and speak their minds to the public. It's a time people became vigilant when hunting for jobs and when dealing with different kinds of people.