At some point, some of us may have believed that swallowing watermelon seeds would result to them growing inside your stomach; so instead of swallowing, you'd carefully pluck them off the fruit and enjoy your piece of watermelon sans seeds.

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What if I tell you these tiny seeds inside this huge fruit have a great nutritional value that might convince you never to spit or pluck them off the fruit again? Well, read on to find out; 

Make your skin glow 

Watermelon seeds contain magnesium that's quite beneficial to the overall appearance of your skin making it healthy.

Regular consumption of these seeds will work wonders on your skin by moisturizing, toning, hydrating, slowing down ageing as well as preventing it from an acne breakout.

So, if you're craving for a smoother, clearer and healthier skin, go ahead and swallow those seeds without fear, or rather collect and roast and eat them as a snack. 

Help control diabetes

If you have diabetes, watching what you eat is quite important, and that's where watermelon seeds come in. They're helpful when it comes to controlling diabetes.

They help reduce high blood sugar levels as well as reducing the body's resistance to insulin. Therefore, if you're a diabetes patient, this can be a really good snack for you. 

Good for the heart 

Consumption of watermelon seeds has the potential of boosting your heart health.

The presence of magnesium in watermelon seeds plays a major role when it comes to heart health. It helps in the normal functioning of the heart and also regulates one's blood pressure.