The Kenya Meteorological Department last week warned Kenyans of heavy rainfalls in various parts of the country. 

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The Met department noted that some parts will experience heavy rainfall of more than 20mm. 

This called for safety measures to keep residents safe. There are various steps people should take to be safe during this rainy season. 

Here are some of the steps to help you be safe even in heavy rainfall:

Home maintenance

It is advisable to make sure that your home is very secure. This means you have to make sure there are no roof leaks, the doors and windows are fitted well and the floor is also in good condition. 

More so, make sure the surrounding is kept clean. Loosely hanging trees around your house should be cut down as they could break and fall on the house. 

Weather forecast

People who stayed informed of the weather forecast know how to prepare for their day. The weather forecast prepares in advance so that if anything happens you will be sorted. 

More so, the weather forecast helps you avoid areas which could be prone to dangers associated with heavy rains. 

Be safe with electricity

Electricity is very dangerous during heavy rainfalls. People are always advised to make sure all their electrical connections are good. 

During rains, always unplug all electrical appliances from the source to avoid the risk of being electrocuted. 

Make sure all fuse boxes are well covered and that water will not reach any of your electrical connections.