Pastor James Ng'ang'a of Nairobi's Neno Evangelism Church together with the famous Pastor Pius Muiru of slogan 'Kuna nuru gizani" have been listed as  'spiritual conmen' in Kenya.

A man who revealed how he suffered while under the watch of these two men of God has finally taken it on social media to share his disappointments.

Victor Kigen Komen, Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (JKUAT) graduate penned down a long testimony on Facebook, alleging how he had to go hungry but managed to offer 'sadaka' in the house of God.

"Pastor Muiru would come for Friday prayers with serious anointing oil and pray for our needs. I remember in several occasions, he used to empty my pocket with the analogy of "Jaribu Mungu leo uone miujiza na ishara...Be like the poor woman who gave two cents, everything she had" he said.

Kigeni further said he would spend all of his little money including the fare to take him back to campus in Juja.

He eventually lost hope in Pastor Muiru, only for him to land into the hands of Pastor Ng'ang'a, who he purports, just like Muiru, milked him dry.

Kigeni said Ng'ang'a would only preach about prosperity and healing before urging his congregation to offer him at least Sh500

"He preaches about healing and prosperity then says someone to give burnt offering of Sh500 only nothing short of that.....while he sings his famous song ''Dear lord my father....Duniani kuna mateso...'' My friend three quarter walk to drop their 500 note as I sit there thinking on what would happen to my only fare and budget for food... I swallow hot saliva and do as instructed," he added.

Recently, TV personality Linus Kaikai suggested that pastors should be forced to have degrees before being allowed to preach.

His suggestion was strongly opposed by church leaders including Ng'ang'a who is currently facing judges in court for threatening Kaikai.