Renowned lawyer and socio-political commentator Donald Kipkorir has launched a scathing attack at Nyali Member of Parliament for naming a Secondary school after himself.

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Writing on Twitter on Tuesday, the lawyer took issue with the school being named after the MP, saying that it smacked of dictatorship.

Kipkorir held the view that great leaders who are true reformists have never engaged in such acts of naming buildings after them.

"Across ages & History, truly great & reformist leaders never left their names on any City, Street or building ... Some even left a Will that their bodies be buried in secret places so as not to be shrines .. But in Kenya, small tinpot dictators put their names on public projects," Lawyer Donald Kipkorir wrote.

The MP, however, did not take the attack lying down, responding within a matter of minutes.

In his defence, the Deputy President Dr William Ruto-backing legislator appeared to suggest that the decision to name the school after himself was reached through public participation.

"There is something we call public participation!" Mohamed Ali fired back.

Mohamed Ali was elected in the 2017 general elections on an independent ticket after beating a relative of Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

He has long projected himself as a progressive and incorruptible leader.