President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged politicians to walk in the steps of former politician and lawyer Karanja Kabage who died after an accident in Nairobi on July 5.

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Speaking during the burial of the former Nakuru senatorial aspirant in Rongai, Nakuru on Friday, he eulogized him as a patriot who gave his all towards bettering the country.

He termed him as a hard worker who deserved all he had, thanks to his involvement in many sectors throughout his life, which he said positively impacted on the lives of Kenyans.

"He was a full patriot. We are here to bury a hero for this country; a person who devoted himself to changing lives and our country through his numerous sectors including the insurance sector. We can say without fear that he worked hard to earn his living but also ran several initiatives that touched on the lives of Kenyans," Uhuru was quoted by the Nation.

He urged politicians to emulate Kabage's moves, noting that this way they will also leave Kenya a better place than they found it.

He termed this as one of the only few ways to bettering the nation, urging the group to work for the been if of people and not themselves, just like the late Kabage.

He also called for love among Kenyans, and a complete shunning of the tribalism that has for years been one of the leading national problems.

"The only [way to show] respect is to imitate him. We should not look at ourselves but at the people. If you are a politician, [look at the people]. If we commit ourselves to that, we shall progress. Let us love each other as Kenyans. We should end tribalism so that we can progress," he added.

Investigators have since established Kabage's cause of death as a cardiac arrest, after finding out that the impact of the accident along Southern bypass couldn't have caused his death.