Athletics is one of the most lucrative sporting activities. Athletes take home millions of shillings after each race, and with time, they become millionaires. 

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Here are some of the country's top athletes and their wealth accumulation. 

1. Asbel Kiprop

Asbel Kiprop is a middle distance runner who specializes with the 1500m meters and has won World Championship titles. A scandal involving him and another lady put him on the spotlight recently, but it doesn't take away the fact that he is an accomplished athlete. He is a regular Kenyan representative and is said to have a net worth of 3m dollars.


2. Ezekiel Kemboi

He is one of the few athletes to win both the World golds events and the Olympics. He was once referred to as the king of Steeplechase, until he retired from the events. Kemboi is one of the fastest athletes with a net worth of about 2.8m dollars. 


3. Julius Yego

The YouTube man is one of the few Africans to win major world events in the javelin at the world stage. He became the first Kenyan to win the Commonwealth Games gold medal in an event. He is estimated to have a net worth of  2.4 million dollars.


4. David Rudisha 

He is the world record holder in the 800 meters. Rudisha is the first and only person to ever run under 1:41 for the event, and he holds the three fastest, six of the eight fastest, and half of the twenty fastest times ever run in this event. His net worth is 5 m dollars.


5. Vivian Cheruiyot

She is one of the greatest long distance runners in the world breaking world records. Her net worth is approximated to be 5 million dollars.