When one decides to follow the will of God in the right way is when many temptations come in. 2019 is not just like any other year for DK Kwenye Beat.

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The gospel singer has had almost enough just within the first one month of the new year, the year he had decided to change for the better.

The following are some of the things that made DK Kwnye Beat trend:

1. Nakuru campus girl exposes the singer

A lady from Nakuru exposed the singer that he had subjected her to a threesome and worst of all infected her with an STI virus. The lady revealed the dirty happening to 'Toboa platform on Telegram', site started by Dela for one to share disturbing stories/experience of their life.

2. DK Kwenye Beat is called by Dela himself

It was not just a usual call, it was probing call and it was keenly being recorded. As expected, the audio is leaked, or we can say was shared to everyone to judge who was speaking the truth. Dela has actually done what every qualified journalist would have done. DK denied what was presented on his table on a phone call.

3. The Internet is full of DK hashtags

He was finally trending, not for his latest hit song, but for the threesome and infection scandal.

4. Size 8 comes in for DK

She breaks the news, that DK had moved on from his past and that everyone should see him as a new man. Who? Not Kenyans. They all directed their anger on her Instagram until she had nothing good left but to disable the commentssection. Her husband DJ MO was not left out on this, he received some of the reactions from Kenyans. Size however managed to convince DK Kwenye Beat to ask for forgiveness, which he did.

5. DK Kwenye Beat is admitted in hospital

The news was made public by singer Ringtone who wanted Kenyans to pray for DK. He said he was suffering from heart attack.

"The person all of you want dead is in hospital fighting for his life. Hope you all happy now☝️☝️☝️let nobody abuse me, I just reported something you may not know"reported Ringtone

Here is the video courtesy of Daily News-You Tube.