The Catholic Church's leadership on Saturday made a decision to ban all huge cash donations and politics in their churches. 

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Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops also reached an agreement to set up an anti-corruption help desks in their churches in a move meant to help in churches contributing to the rising rates of corruption in the country. 

According to the conference's chairman Bishop Philip Anyolo, donations to the church will only be made through cashier's cheque and mobile money methods as a means of improving accountability. 

"We wish to move towards cashless donation. And for the purpose of accountability, we shall declare publicly the list and accounts of our projects and fundraising initiatives for public scrutiny,"  said Bishop Anyolo as quoted by Daily Nation

Also, gifts given to church leaders exceeding Sh50,000 will be recorded and donors are expected to accompany their gifts with cover letters. 

The leadership launched the move as a campaign which will last for six months and vowed to ensure that it becomes successful. 

"We have launched the campaign by removing our shoes. This is in solidarity with those who have suffered and continue to suffer as a result of corruption, especially those living in squalid conditions. We are now calling on all Kenyans irrespective of their station in life to reject any form or act of corruption," the bishops noted

 The move comes at a time when politicians have been accused of shifting their politics to churches and other corruption beneficiaries take their ill-gotten money to the Church as offerings and donations.