A crisis is looming at the Masalani sub-county hospital in Garissa following reports of acute drug shortage.

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Amid the rising concerns, patients from poor households have been forced to travel for several kilometres to access and purchase drugs from privately-owned pharmaceutical stores.

A source within the hospital that sought anonymity indicated that not even basic drugs such as panadol were available.

Besides this, patients at the public health facility were also sharing beds as the crisis continues. The most hit group were expectant mothers at the maternity section who were found to be sleeping in twos.

However, Hivisasa contacted the hospital's Medical Superintendent Dr Kassim Ahmed on phone, who attributed the biting drug shortage to the failure by the Kenya medical supplies agency (KEMSA). 

Kassim revealed that Kemsa was yet to supply basic drugs and other non-pharmaceutical items to the facility.

"It is true we have a shortage of drugs in our facility. This is because Kemsa has not yet supplied drugs and other basic items to us. But we are looking into the matter," he said.

It is now hoped that the relevant agencies will take the issue as a matter of urgency to save the residents from more suffering.

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